A KEYC Original Program Since 1960!

Taped shows will air the following 4 Weekends



 2018 Schedule

April 9 

May 7 

June 4 - Polka Night

July 2

August 6 - Polka Night

September 10 - Polka Night

October 1 

November 5 

December 3 -Polka Night

Dains Dutchmen (BWR)

Chuck Theil and the Jolly Ramblers (BWR)

Dale Pexa Band

Kris & the Riverside Dutchmen (BWR)

Leon Olsen

Barefoot Becky

Gordy Prochaskas Little Fishermen (BWR)

Sleepy Eye Concertina Club (BWR)

Bockfest Boys

(BWR)= Bandwagon Taping Dates

Subject to change with changes in CBS schedule