KEYC - Springfield HS Students Join Elite Company

Springfield HS Students Join Elite Company

Springfield -

Springfield High School is the only school in Minnesota to be recognized in a nation wide environmental video contest. It's a project about tackling environment issues.

Composting... recycling... and saving energy... not often are the first things on a high schooler's mind.  But for students the Youth Energy Summit at Springfield High School, it's a concern they're taking into their own hands.

Colby Feser says... "A lot of projects that we do like recycling, composting, motion detectors, and we included all of those in the video." Along with the high choler's, Elementary school students were involved as well.

One student says, "I thought that we wouldn't get this far just being so small of a school that we wouldn't get this far and to have a lot of votes but it definitely spread really quickly.  It was really fun to do because I got to learn new stuff that I didn't know before."

Although it was challenging it's something that Feser believes will benefit his school.  Colby Feser says, "If we do win we will be able to use our winnings to further the YES team and attract more members as well as promoting both science department and our Agriculture department.

And being a smaller school and becoming selected as a top finalist in a nation wide video contest is something that surpassed all their expectations.  Amanda Meyer says, "It really shows students how you goals when you set them can go beyond even what you imagined.  So I think that's really powerful is that little bit of time that they spent putting into this project is now doubled, tripled, quadrupled beyond what they expected."

The online voting is now open but will close February 18th.  Amanda Meyer says,  "The more votes we can get the better so we encourage your friends, your family and anybody you know who supports education and the environment in Minnesota to vote for our video that would be great."

An idea that sparked from a science magazine has created positive results for the school and the environment.