Yesterday I talked about the warm-up we've all been waiting for could actually cause some problems (clouds and fog, as well as ice jams on rivers)

Today, let's look at how long the warmer air will stick around.  After today, our temperatures are going to stay above 20 degrees until at least February 19th.  In fact, we could even be near 40 degrees some days.

With such a deep snow pack, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what days will be near 40.  One thing we have working for us a the sun angle is getting higher and higher.  The days are also getting longer too.

Our dry stretch of dry weather looks to continue, outside of the chance for some flurries until next Friday and Saturday when some rain and or snow is possible.  It's something to watch, but since it's out there fairly far in the weather future, we'll keep an eye on it.