KEYC - Weather or Not: Warm For Now, Then Snow & Cold

Weather or Not: Warm For Now, Then Snow & Cold

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Highs on Sunday were in the middle 40s.  We'll see our temperatures remain above average over the next few days, so a slow melt will continue.  While yes we are melting some snow, it doesn't appear to be a big enough melt to make a significant impact into the possibility of flooding this spring.

Our weather will stay quiet until Thursday, when we have a chance for some drizzle and fog.  Then by Friday, a low pressure system will move in, drawing in colder air, with highs dropping back into the 20s for Friday and into the weekend.

With that colder air comes the chance some snow.

Yesterday's high of 46 was the first time we've been above 40 since December 30th.  In fact, looking at temperatures for December, January and February, a majority of our highs have been below 20°.