KEYC - Weather or Not: Spring Today, Winter Tomorrow

Weather or Not: Spring Today, Winter Tomorrow

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Dense fog this morning reducing visibility to around zero.  Once that fog lifts, we'll see some sunshine, which will allow our temperatures to warm into the 50s.  In fact, we could warm up even more today if it weren't for the fog. 

There is a layer of warm air about 2000 to 3000 feet above the surface of 60 degrees.  The fog is prohibiting that warm air from reaching the surface.  The sooner the fog goes away, the warmer we get. 

Unfortunately the way air is going to come to an end as a cold front moves in tonight, switching the winds around to the northwest.  Highs for Friday will be in the lower 30s, which is average for this time of the year.  We could see some flurries on Friday, as well as winds gusting up to 40 mph.

We bounce back to around 40 by Saturday.  Then late in the day into the evening, a low pressure system moves in, bringing the chance for some rain and snow showers, changing over to all snow overnight into Sunday and Monday.

It's still looking like a sizable snowfall is possible.  Some models are suggesting around 2-5" of snow, while others suggest double digit snowfall totals.  This is certainly worth watching as it is still early to give concrete numbers.  What we do know is that this will likely be a heavier, wet snow as our temperatures will be around 30 and there is going to be ample moisture with the storm.

Highs cool into the 20s by Monday and Tuesday.  Another storm moves in later next Wednesday into Thursday, bringing another chance for some snow.