KEYC - Weather or Not: Record Breaking Snowfall

Weather or Not: Record Breaking Snowfall

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12" of snow in Mankato between Sunday & Monday, pushing our seasonal total closer to 80". As a reference, in the winter of 2009-2010 (which seemed snowy), we ONLY had 56.6" of snow. And we still have to go through the 3rd snowiest month on average, March!  Ironically, last March, we didn't have any snow, but flooding. 

We'll be quiet today with mostly to partly sunny skies and highs in the lower to middle 20s.  We're in for a brief warm-up tomorrow with highs in the lower 30s.  Another push of cold air comes in on Thursday, with highs in the lower 20s again.

More snow is possible Friday and Saturday with highs in the teens.

Our temperatures return to the 20s for Sunday and Monday.  February looks to end quietly and March looks like it will start off as a lamb.

Last week, we melted a lot of snow.  So will that make a dent in our possibility of spring flooding?? Not really.  Our spring flood probability was already high because of the wet fall and all the snow we'd already gotten. It's only going to get worse, especially if we get a lot more snow and a lot of spring rains. There will be flooding, it's just a matter of to what degree.

In a week, the Minnesota River at Mankato has risen about 6 feet.  That's the effect of the melting from last week.