KEYC - Weather or Not: Colder Air Sticking Around?

Weather or Not: Colder Air Sticking Around?

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A little bit of melting today as highs warm just above freezing.  A cold front moves in tonight, bringing in cooler air.  Highs will only be around 20 tomorrow and then in the teens for Friday and Saturday with the chance for some light snow.

A more significant storm may move in on Sunday.  It's something to watch.  It's too early to talk snow amounts for Sunday, but some of the models are showing some of the same characteristics as our most recent storm.  Don't panic yet, just keep an eye on the forecast.

With the exception of today, our 7-day forecast calls for temperatures to be below average and it looks like that will stick around into the first several days of March.

According to the Climate Prediction Center, the 8 to 14 day outlook (which goes from March 2 to 9th) calls for temperatures to remain below average.

The same range outlook also calls for an above average chance for precipitation.  Given the fact that temperatures are expected to remain below average, this would suggest that precipitation to be snow.

I know that's news we didn't want to hear, but we have to remember, March is on average the 3rd snowiest month of the year. 

Today's feature is on the Baroclinic zone.  That's a fancy name for an area with a difference in temperature.  In the winter, that's caused by the snowpack.  Storm systems tend to develop and follow along that zone.  Since a good area to the south of us is snow free, that zone is closer to us, meaning a higher chance for seeing precipitation.