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Weather or Not: Winter Not Done Yet

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There is the chance for some light snow today, but not a very big chance.  if we see any accumulation, it would be up to 1".  Most of the snow is going to fall east of I-35 and into western Wisconsin.  Highs today will reach the lower 30s.

Some patchy freezing drizzle is possible tonight along with some flurries.  More flurries are possible on Friday.

The weekend turns cooler, with highs in the middle to upper 20s.  Then, it gets interesting around here.

Over the last several days, the forecast models have been showing a significant storm moving into the Midwest, bringing the chance for some heavy snow.  For a storm this far out and having the models being so consistent, makes this storm a pretty safe bet.

The storm will move on shore in California on late Saturday into early Sunday, and then move into the Rockies.  The storm will move across Kansas and Iowa.  This scenario gives us here in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa the chance at seeing the heaviest snow from this storm.  In snow storms, the heaviest snow falls between 100 and 200 miles to the north of the track of the storm.  It looks like the center of the storm will pass over or very near Dubuque, Iowa ( 100-200 miles to our SE as the crow flies)

So, it appears heavy snow is possible on Tuesday and Wednesday, after seeing some light snow on Monday, ahead of the actual storm.  It's bringing a lot of moisture with it, up to 1" of liquid.  With high temperatures expected to be in the upper 20s to around 30, that would give us a chance at seeing around 10-12" of snow.  Right now, I'll go out on a limb and say 6-12" of snow, but keep in mind that will likely change, as the track of the storm becomes more concrete.  As I mentioned, since this is so far out and has been pretty consistent in the models, it's almost a sure thing.... which is hard to say when it comes to weather.

And while we had no snow in March 2010, we have to remember that March is on average the 3rd snowiest month.  Stay with us through the weekend for the latest on this potential major storm.

Skywatch 12 Meteorologist Mitch Keegan

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