KEYC - Weather or Not: More Snow Ahead

Weather or Not: More Snow Ahead

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That blockbuster, March "tournament" storm we'd been talking about last week is going to pass by to our south.  That doesn't mean we won't see any snow.  The heaviest snow bands will fall to our southeast, from around Rochester to Mason City and to the southeast.  The low pressure system is going to pass over from the Quad Cities to Chicago.  The heaviest snow tends to fall between 100 and 200 miles to the north of the track. 

The snow looks to start Tuesday afternoon and last into Wednesday.  The heaviest snows will fall overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning.  Winds will pick up as we head into Wednesday, but since this is going to be a heavier, wet snow, blowing snow shouldn't be as huge of a problem as it has been this winter.

As far as accumulation goes, most of us will see 3-6" of snow.  There will be a little bit to the west, around 2-5" and more to the east, especially east of I-35. 

High temperatures the next few days will be around 30.  By Friday, there is a chance for a wintry mix of rain, snow and sleet with highs in the middle 30s.  It cools down by Saturday.  More snow is possible on Monday.

This weekend we set our clocks ahead 1 hour at 2 AM Sunday with Daylight Saving Time beginning.

Spring starts on the 20th.  Some good news: the long range models show temperatures may warm to 40°+ around St. Patricks Day and into the following week.