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Easter Brunch at Number 4

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In addition to the Easter bunny and egg hunts, the Easter Sunday brunch is another tradition for many families.

We visited Number 4 Restaurant today in downtown Mankato for their Easter brunch buffet, which included those hard to resist foods.

The place was packed earlier today.

More importantly, Easter brunches give family members a chance to spend quality time with one another.

Jen Timm, manager of Number 4, says, "It was so amazing. We had lots of families, lots of big gatherings. Everybody comes in and you have three generations – from the little children up to the grandparents. We have breakfast for the children and breakfast for anybody who wants it."

Mark Kohner, executive chef of Number 4, says, "I would say we went through maybe 400 eggs just for the benedict, the waffles, and the omelets."

If you missed the brunch at Number 4 today, you will get another chance to join Number 4 for their Mother's Day brunch buffet.

Story by: Russ Joseph