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Foot-Powered Fuel for the Future

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The liberal think tank says if communities invest in more bike paths more people tend to bicycle and walk to work and school.

Conrad deFiebre says, "There's more to transportation then just filling up your gas tank and riding around and what it takes is a commitment by the government...complete street policies so streets are for all modes of transportation not just for motor vehicles."

The U.S. Census American Community survey found that more than 96,000 Minnesotans walked or biked to work in 2009, a 29 percent increase since 2002. Adding to that success is budget and health benefits.

Conrad deFiebre says, "It produces great health effects on your families budget $300 a year to rub a bike compared to at least $7,500 for even a tiny car."

Bicycling as a daily commuting option has more than doubled in Minnesota since 2002. Flying Penguin Outdoor Sports has notice increase in their sales and say their customers are using their bikes for more than just fitness but also transportation.

Jon Anderson says, "It's been a huge increase in bike business both on the enthusiasts level but mainly on the commuter level and people are going to use their bikes for a lot more things than just riding for fitness the aspect of going to the store to get groceries riding your bike to work those are the big things and what we are doing is selling more bike parts, racks, and fenders for people for that purpose."

Although Minnesota is ranked fourth for best bicycle friendly states Minnesota 2020 wants to continue to promote safe travel and spread the message of using your bike to get to A to B rather than your car.