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Crop Duster Crashes in Nicollet County Corn Field

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A helicopter pilot is lucky to be alive after his chopper crashed in a Nicollet County corn field.  It happened just after 4:30 Thursday afternoon about 7 miles north of Nicollet near the junction of State Highway 111 and County Road 15.

According to the Nicollet County Sheriff's Office, the aircraft belonging to Scott's Helicopter Service out of LeSueur had a mechanical problem while it was spraying a field and lost altitude.  The pilot was able to bring the helicopter to a hard landing on its skids in the corn field.  Luckily, the pilot, Matt Aubuchon from Washington state, was not injured.  In fact, First Responders found him walking out of the tall corn.

Chief Deputy Karl Jensen of the Nicollet County Sheriff's Office said, "Not many come out this way.  The pilot's fortunate.  We're fortunate.  We're extremely happy."

The Federal Aviation Administration will begin its investigation in to the crash Friday morning.  Until then, the Nicollet County Sheriff's Office and the Nicollet Fire Department will secure the scene.