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Amazing Shot Nets Owatonna Boy $50k

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Owatonna -

An 11-year-old Owatonna Boy made an incredible hockey shot worth $50,000 - but there's a catch that could cost him that big check.

When Nate Smith stepped on the ice to attempt a nearly impossible shot, his goal was to "At least hit the board," as he said.  It was part of a raffle at half-time Thursday night, a ticket was drawn for a chance to score a goal through a hole barely larger than a puck.  That shot was from 89 feet.

Nate said, "It's like one in a million chance."

Cale Politoski described Nate's shot this way: "The puck fluttered and me and the linesman are like, there is no way this is going in. It was going straight down the net and the linesman said, this has a chance, and it went straight in."

Nate said, "I was like, shocked!" His dad, Pat Smith said, "It was unbelievable!"

Nate said, "The crowd was going nuts and they were all going crazy. When I came to sit back down everybody was crowding me and giving me high fives."

But unfortunately for Nate, that isn't the whole story. The name on the ticket drawn was actually Nick Smith, Nate's twin brother.

Nick says, "But I was outside so Nathan took the shot." And no one suspected a thing, because Nate and Nick are identical twins.

Pat Smith says, "We kind of went a long with it that it was Nick, then the next day I called back and said it was really Nate who made the shot." Now the prize money's fate is with the insurance carrier on the $50,000 shot.

Organizer of the game Vance Vinar Jr. "It's not necessarily not going to go through but they will investigate and then get back to us and let us know what happens."

Pat says, "We felt honesty was the best policy and we wanted to set good example for our kids."

Vinar says, "I hope they get it because the kid made the shot, but I see the loophole for the insurance company, so who knows." Either way, the Smiths say they will always have the memory of that amazing shot. 

If the Smiths do get the $50,000 check, they plan to donate some to their school, the hockey association and put the rest away for college.