KEYC - Possible Smoking Ban in Public Housing

Possible Smoking Ban in Public Housing

 Smoking in public has become more and more limited over the years.

Many public places have banned the habit... but could people's homes be next?

It's been one month since Orness Plaza went smoke free yet resident say...

Resident Diane Taylor says, "Some of the people unfortunately are not complying to it."

Orness plaza is a public housing unit run by the city of Mankato.

Going smoke free can be tough thing to enforce, but the county is interested in following suit.

At the last Blue Earth County Board work session, members seemed supportive of banning smoking in of its housing units.

Residents like Diane Taylor says it's about time more places did it.

Resident Diane Taylor says, "The smoke was actually coming underneath the door of an apartment not too far from me and I couldn't leave my door open at all because it would make me sick."

According to Greater Mankato multi–housing association president Julie Hawker it's costly for property managers to deal with.

"Cleaning walls replacing carpet."

That's why she hears of more places considering going smoke free.

Hawker says, "Seems to be the trend because people want to be healthier."

However many smokers feel they have the right to light up...

If the county does adopt a no smoking policy they will likely give tenants a time period to quit or the option to find alternative housing.