Neatly trimmed bangs freshen up any haircut, but repeat visits to the salon can rack up a pricey bill in no time.

But there's good news: Trimming your own bangs is an easy skill you can pick up -- and it will keep you looking polished between cuts at virtually no cost.


Shear Yourself

To get started, you'll need a comb, hair clips and the essential tool for perfect bangs: shears, which cut a crisply accurate line in a way that the dull, rounded edges of regular scissors can't manage.

You can purchase the tool online or at your local beauty supply store. "You don't need to buy the most expensive pair on the shelf. Stay away from plastic, and look for stainless steel," advises Timothy John, owner of New York's Timothy John's Salon.

For classic bangs, opt for a regular pair of shears. Or, you can try texturizing shears, which leave a softer, layered-like edge to the bang.


Prep for Accuracy

Work with dry bangs for the most precise trim, as wet hair shrinks as it dries.

Part your hair as you usually do, and then section your hair so that your bangs are the only area you're dealing with. Clip the rest of your hair back so that strands don't fall forward. Then, decide if your bangs are wispy or blunt. The trimming technique differs for each one, says John.


Trim Wispy Bangs

"Comb your hair straight down, and then bring both sides together to form a point. The point should be in line with your part. For example, if you have a center part, hold your point in the center," instructs John.

Hold the bangs with one hand, leaving about 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch past your fingers. Keep your bangs against your forehead, making sure not to lift the section more than a finger's width. Cut directly into the strand, instead of at an angle.

"Trim sparingly until you get the hang of it," says John.

Let go to see if you trimmed enough. Repeat the process if needed.


Trim Blunt Bangs

As an alternative, blunt bangs are often thicker in nature and require more careful trimming to capture that beautiful straight fringe.

Split your bangs in half by clipping the top section up and out of the way. Trim the bottom section by starting in the middle and working your way outwards. Be sure that your shears aren't pointing upward when trimming. Then, bring down the clipped section, and follow the line you just cut. 


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