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Mankato Marathon Sport Psych Team Provide Runners With Mental Strategies To Reach Their Full Potential

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The 2nd annual Mankato Marathon is just around the corner.

But what's new this year is the Mankato Marathon Sport Psych Team will provide runners with mental strategies to reach their full potential.

By now most people are physically fit but they might be realize the importance of being metal prepared for the big race. That's how the Mankato Marathon Sport Psych Team is helping out this year.

Cindra Kamphoff says, "One of the mental road blocks that runners experience is negative thinking. So we'll be providing some runners with tips on how to get through negative thinking, how to counteract negative thinking and set goals."

There is a group of 25 sport psych team members and they are still looking for more that will do their part to help the runners at the Expo, starting line, and during and after the race.

They say it's common for runners to "hit the wall" or have doubts in their ability, but it's all about positive thinking.

Andrea Long says, "I'm excited to be there and actually do hands on experience with people and motivate them and try to help them get those tough points in the race."

Their purpose is to help runners reach their full potential. Also, to create awareness of the importance of the mental component when running.

Kamphoff says, "The one thing that people could start doing is visualizing a strong race so spending some time while they are running and thinking about the race they want to have and seeing themselves overcoming some roadblocks that they might experience."

Providing helpful tips to those who will push both their physical and mental limits. But finding out exactly what they are capable of after crossing the finish line.