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MSU Kicks Off $75 Million Capital Campaign

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MSU Mankato makes a huge announcement Thursday.
They're kicking off a capital campaign with the goal of $75 million.
The last capital campaign was 10 years ago and raised about $38 million.

MSU says it's the largest campaign ever in Minnesota State Colleges and Universities history: $75 million and they're more than half way there.
MSU Mankato President Dr. Richard Davenport says, "We've already achieved a great deal in the past three years-currently we have raised $57 million."

The Big Ideas Campaign comes after years of budget cuts from the state.
Dr. Davenport says he remembers when the state paid 70 percent of the cost of instruction and students 30 percent. Now it's almost the opposite, with the state paying around 40 percent and students 60 percent.

Davenport says, "We now know that we can't rely totally upon support from the state and we don't want the students to have to pay the largest share in the cost of education, we are a public university."

Funds will go toward five main, technology, global partnerships, an environmentally sustainable campus and research.
They'll be reaching out to the public to get the remaining $18 million need to reach their goal.

MSU Mankato Vice President Doug Mayo says, "So it's not just a need but an opportunity to partner."

They hope people in the community will donate to the school and its vision.
They say no matter the size of a donation everyone can become a partner in The Big Ideas Campaign.

The Big Ideas Campaign kicked off in the newly remodeled Centennial Student Union Ballroom.
The grand opening celebrations for the ballroom begin Friday evening.