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Alyssa Sandeen's Roller-Coaster Recovery

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The condition of the 21-year-old Mankato woman in need of a heart transplant has improved over the weekend, but Alyssa Sandeen's family tells us now her health is on the decline again.
Alyssa's father, Chris Sandeen, says her health has been on a roller coaster ride for everyone.
This past weekend things were really looking up. Doctors took Alyssa off a life support machine since she was able to breathe and pump blood on her own.

He says she was sitting up in a chair and even joking. Then last night she began to have chest pains and anxiety, the same symptoms that brought her into the hospital two weeks ago.

We first reported on Alyssa's rare enlarged heart condition when she got a heart transplant back in 1998 when she was just eight years old.