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Recycle Your Old Christmas Lights for a Good Cause

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More people are going green this Christmas season...

They're trading in those old light for more efficient LED's.

You can dispose of your old lights to help the environment and help some folks earn holiday cash.

It's that time of year when people hang up Christmas lights.

It's not uncommon to plug in your lights from storage and find that strand that no longer works.

You may also be thinking about trading up your traditional lights for energy efficient LED stands.

Either way, there is a place for those old Christmas lights you no longer want.

Tammi Leiferman of MRCI Workforce says, "They presented us with this lights recycling that they started originally in Hutchinson and it went over well there. So, they call to see if it was something that we thought we would like to do. It has been a big hit."

MRCI Workforce is an organization in Mankato that provides work training and jobs to people with disabilities.

Several years ago, the Recycle Association of Minnesota presented MRCI with the idea of collecting old Christmas lights.

ACE Hardware is one of many places in town collecting the light strands and then sending them to MRCI.

Scott Skutnick of Arrow ACE Mankato says, "Oh, very positive... They come in with bags of them. People put them in ziplock bags. It is just amazing how supportive they are of helping MRCI with these lights."

Once MRCI gets the lights, their employees remove the bulbs for glass recycling and the wiring for copper recycling.

Overall, this project is good for the environment and provides employment for people that may otherwise have difficulty finding a job.

Tammi Leiferman says, "I think it makes people feel good. They feel like they are contributing to the community. It is going to a good cause. I think it is a feel good kind of thing anyway."

...a positive thing to consider as you decorate for the holidays.