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The Blue Angels Navy Flyers Visit the Mankato Airport

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Angels are coming to Mankato next summer... Blue Angels that is...

The Blue Angels navy flight team is set to headline the Minnesota Air Spectacular at the Mankato Regional Airport in June.

In order to plan ahead, two members of the Blue Angels landed Monday morning in their F-18 jet.

They met with local airport officials, local authorities, and the FAA so all the logistics will be set for next summer.

Since the Blue Angels have not been in Mankato since the 1980s, this event promises to attract many spectators.

Lieutenant Commander Todd Royles of the Blue Angels says, "It is 45 minutes of highly dynamic, entertaining flying – some of the most precise military jet flying that can be seen in the world. We got six aircraft that will... initially, that will fly the diamond and they are going to demonstrate that precision capability of not only the aircraft but the pilots themselves."

Mark Knoff of the City of Mankato says, "It is a positive thing for the city to have the Blue Angels come here and to put on the air show. It will draw a lot of people from the region. It allows us to be a regional leader in the area."

The act will feature seven F–18 fighter jets valued at several million dollars each.

Look for the Blue Angels to return on June 9 and 10, 2012.