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New Food Shelf To Open In Fairmont

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While many of us are thinking about our favorite holiday recipes, others are thinking about where they will get their next meal.

To help those in need a group in Fairmont is working to opening a new food shelf in town.

Heaven's Table Food Shelf hasn't moved into it's into its new home yet, but organizers already have big plans to cut down on the number of hungry people in Martin County. 

Food Shelf Board of Directors member Curtis Moeckel says, "We will have our semi back up here when we get out food and then we will bring it in here..."

Second Harvest Heartland did a study in 2009 that found 12% of the county's population was under the federal poverty guideline.

Community member Connie Anthony says, "On average every adult and child was missing about 10 meals a month and they don't have a secure source of consistent meals."

It's a need Kenneth Buckmeir has seen first hand.

Kenneth Buckmeir of Fairmont says, "There is a lady in my church that had to decide between hearing aid batteries and food for the week."

The new food shelf hopes to work with places like the Salvation Army and local churches that are already providing some help.

Food Shelf Board of Directors member Linda Meschke says, "Look at where are the gaps, how can we compliment those services."

Like helping out people in need that don't live in Fairmont.

Anthony says, "Transportation is a huge issue and if you are struggling to pay for groceries you are probably struggling to pay for gas."

The new facility also plans to be open on evenings when places like the Salvation Army are closed.

Jennelle Cunning is on the Food Shelf Board of Directors and says, "We're not in competition, we are in addition to what is in the community now."

Meschke says, "No one entity is going to be able to meet all the needs, so if we can have several options together we're hoping to really close that gap on the needs within Martin County."

The group can't move into this space until February first, so while they can't take food donations quite yet, they are always looking for cash donations or support from the community.

It will cost about 2–thousand–dollars a month to run the food shelf. To donate cash to the program, send checks to: Heaven's Table Food Shelf, 1243 Lake Ave., Suite 333, Fairmont, MN 56031 or contact