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Sex Offender Binger Back In Custody

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NEW ULM, Minn. -

Less than one week after a level 3 predatory offender was released and moved back to the city of New Ulm, he's back behind bars.

James Binger is now accused of peeking through neighbor's windows.

A level three–sex offender with a history of violating his parole, Binger was not the man residents of this apartment wanted moving in.

Binger's neighbor Darcy Moldan said, "I was just overwhelmed by the whole thing."

Neighbors say they were immediately worried when they heard Binger was moving back into town, and it only took 3 days from when he moved in for that worry to warrant a call to the police.

Commander David Borchert said, "We received a complaint that he was invading someone's privacy by peeking in their windows."

One of those people was his new neighbor Kathleen Cole,

Binger's neighbor Kathleen Cole said, "When I opened the curtain his nose was right against my window."

Another neighbor also saw him peeking in her window. Cole says while she is happy to see him leave, she thinks he should have never moved in.

Cole said, "There's the park over there and it is just to close for comfort, it is not a safe environment for children."

Borchert said, "If it was up to me, we wouldn't have any of the register 3 sex offenders living in the city of New Ulm, but that is not up to me. The best thing we can do as far as a community is encourage people to use some precaution, prevention. Know where you kids are."

For Moldan, who lived right next door to Binger, knowing where her kids are won't help.

Molden says, "His preference is boys 7–[16], and I have a 13-year-old, 11-year-old, and 7-year-old."

Cole says, "Sometimes you just can't be helped, some people just can not be help, its bad for him and bad for people that live around."

The neighbors say they understand he has to live somewhere, but if and when he gets out again, they hope it won't be near children.

Moldan says, "It's a life sentence for that child, where he has a few years, he gets out he gets his freedom, but the child no longer has his."

New Ulm has 3 registered level 3-sex offenders in the city of New Ulm, every one of them has been sent back to prison at some point for violating their release conditions.