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'SNAP' approaches Diocese of New Ulm regarding sexual misconduct

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NEW ULM, Minn. -

More Disclosure. That's what the Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests (SNAP) is requesting.

With a bag stuffed with papers, Cy Denn of SNAP, made his way into the diocese headquarters in New Ulm.

Once inside, Denn presented the names of individuals who are accused of misconduct.

"What we're trying to do is not only get their name out there but...to find out how many more people have suffered some type of abuse," Denn said.

The list presented by SNAP denotes 130 current and former clerical members. One of those names is Reverend Douglas Schleisman of New Ulm.

"What we would like to accomplish is getting the bishops to release the names of those priests who have been accused and in some cases found guilty of pedophile crimes," said Denn.

Rev. Douglas L. Grams of the Diocese of New Ulm says he encourages abuse victims to bring the issue to light.

"If anyone has been a victim of sexual misconduct on the part of a member of the clergy, they're certainly welcome and we would ask them to come forward," he said.

After Denn presented his material, Rev. Grams addressed Denn's concerns.

"We continue to make sure that all priests, deacons...all those who work with youth and young adults would continue to have the equipment and the tools to be able to identify and prevent sexual misconduct," Grams said.

SNAP claims that those abused often don't come forward until many years later.

SNAP also approached the dioceses in Winona and Saint Paul today as well.