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Final Play For Vikings Stadium Bill?

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State lawmakers are taking a break today but when they return Monday the debate will kickoff once again for the Viking stadium and it could be the last play.

The nearly $1 billion Viking Stadium bill has been tossed between democratic and republican lawmakers this entire session with neither side being completely satisfied with how to raise the funds.

In just two days representatives in the House will take a vote on the bill that's had multiple turnovers since it was first put on paper.

Rep.Tony Cornish (R) Good Thunder, says, "Well I'm going to vote yes. I've been a vote yes and everybody has known that. It's just that we don't know what kind of package we will receive because the last person to talk to me that had an amendment says his was the 85th amendment that they're going to offer on the floor."

While Republican Representative Tony Cornish is voting yes Republican Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers said this week that although he wants the bill to pass he won't be voting yes. Turning his Vikings stadium vote into a political statement.

Rep. Kathy Brynaert (DFL) Mankato says, "I think really has been strange the way this bill has moved forward or not moved forward and then the way it was resurrected and the kind of lack of leadership around this bill. And I won't say that's true for the bills' authors."

Rep. Kathy Brynaert from Mankato says she will be voting yes however she isn't 100% pleased with the way the stadium is getting it's funding.

Electronic pulls tabs have been a controversial issue and so is the state putting up money for it during tough economic times.

Brynaert says, "I would've preferred some user fee combinations but the fact of the matter is there's a been a long time to work up to this and this is where we're at."

Rep. Cornish says, "A lot of people say we shouldn't be subsidizing business. We should let it go on it's own but we've been subsidized business for years with jobs with tax increments with the ethanol plants you know were' not breaking any ground here."

No matter how the funding comes about it's undeniable that Vikings are part of the Minnesota culture.

So the numbers that fans will need to see on the scoreboard for the bill to pass are 68 in The House and 34 in The Senate.