By Scott Meeks

Got a collection of plastic hotel room keys from your last vacation? Don't throw them away because they'll actually come in handy for your next trip. That's because we're upcycling them into luggage tags. This is a great project for those of you who love to craft or for parents who are trying to keep the kids busy for a few hours!

Here's what you need:

2 hotel key cards
Metal ring

Here's how you make it:

For the key that's going to be the front of your tag, cut away the hotel's name or any part of the design you don't like.

For the key that's going to be the back part of your tag, paint both sides. Spray paint works well.  But you can also do it with craft paint.

Glue your two cards together. The card with the cutout goes on top of the painted card.

Once the glue is dry, punch out a hole with a heavy duty hole punch.

Add a metal ring that will attach to your luggage.

Write your contact info on the painted portion of your tag with a sharpie or a paint pen.

Attach to your luggage and bon voyage!

Why this is eco-friendly and fun?

Most hotel keys are made of plastic and plastic doesn't break down in the landfill. So using it in a craft project is totally crunchy.

Your UPCYCLED luggage tag could be a nice reminder of previous trips you've taken and super-nice hotels where you've stayed.

Your tag is one-of-a-kind, so you'll always be able to spot it at baggage claim!

Scott Meeks is a passionate environmental journalist, lifestylist and author. You can learn more about him and his eco-ways at