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North Mankato Business Sharpening Its Trade

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North Mankat, Minn. -

A North Mankato business continues to sharpen its progress.

Midwest Knifemakers Supply hosted a 'Hammer In' this weekend. The event was designed to allow people to show up at the business and learn the trade of making knives.

While the company doesn't actually sell knives, Midwest Knifemakers Supply sells all the raw goods used to make high-end blades.

"We have a dozen different kinds of steel for the handles," said Tracy Mickley, Midwest Knifemakers Supply co-owner.

Midwest Knifemakers has been established in Mankato for about a year now.

Mickley says watching his company grow out of a garage to warehouse has been nothing short of amazing.

"It's a dream come true, when you get to do something you really like, it's amazing," Mickley said.

The company is expecting to see another double-digit business gain this year.