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Margaret Preska Residence Community Unveiled

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MANKATO, Minn. -

MSU's newest residence hall will welcome students this fall, but they opened the doors early to give the public a change to take a look at the new community.

The Margaret Preska Residence Community is a four–story, semi–suite style facility that 300 students will soon call home.

The building has classrooms, and plenty of gathering spaces, and the rooms have plenty of amenities like room by room temp control, loftable beds, and high efficiency toilet.

The university says the building is the next step in the evolution of MSU's on–campus housing.

Cindy Janney, Director of Residential Life at MSU says, "The building that were originally here were built between 1959 and 1965, and students have changed a lot since then, the number of electronics that they bring, the amount of privacy that is routine to what students had in 1959."

The buildings namesake, former university president Margaret Preska says she is humbled to have her name on such an impressive facility.

Preska says, "I never imagined that there would be a building with my name on it yet along that it would reflect the kinds of philosophy I have about how student development is best maintained."

The new building's constructions cost $23.3 million dollars and will help the university accommodate the more that 1000 beds that will be lost with the closing of Gage Towers.