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Quist, Parry Gear Up For Final Primary Push

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Republican Congressional candidates Allen Quist and Mike Parry have one more weekend to make their case to voters. 
They've had their introductions, their caucus battle and the debates, and now the potential challengers to Congressman Tim Walz will finally find out who gets to be on the ballot.

Allen Quist was at the Nicollet County Fair today, and head east for a parade in Chatfield on Saturday and another on Sunday, stopping by in Austin for the Mower County Fair as well.

Quist says, "People look at me and say gee, you look just like your picture. And I say, well I hope so. So it brings to life, a person comes to life when people get a chance to talk to you."

Mike Parry meanwhile, will go into overdrive, trying to hit every county fair and county in general between now and Monday night.

Parry says, "You know, I didn't have the money to run a glitzy campaign like my opponent. I gotta run a shoe leather campaign and that's what we've been doing is getting out to the folks that we know will hit the polls on Tuesday the 14th in the primary."

When asked how he'll sell himself to voters, Parry says it's about electibility in the general.

Parry says, "Allen has not won an election the last five times he's run. But I'm also proven as a state senator that when I say I'm going to get something done, I do. I've proven it."

For Quist, it'll be all about the budget.

Quist says, "My focus in everything I say is we have to balance the budget. Right now, 20 cents out of every dollar the federal government collects goes to interest. Two years from now, it's going to be 25 cents. Three years, 30 cents. We see where that's going - it's toward bankruptcy."