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Hoffner: "No comment" on Leave of Absence

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MSU's football team continues to prepare for its upcoming season as its head coach remains sidelined.

Todd Hoffner has been placed on a leave of absence with Minnesota State University, and school officials are remaining tight-lipped about the situation.

When News 12 approached Hoffner at his home in Eagle Lake he didn't want to say too much.

Hoffner said he had no comment on the situation and when asked whether he wanted to tell his side of the story, Hoffner refused.

According to MSU, Hoffner is in his fifth year as the team's head coach. Hoffner has been instrumental in turning the program around from a losing record to a club that's traveled deep into the post season.

University officials declined to specify whether Hoffner's leave of absence is paid or unpaid.

News 12 also spoke with members of the football team on Monday, and they said they didn't know the circumstances of Hoffner's leave that he's been placed on.

According to MSU's Human Resources department, Hoffner is still employed with the school.

News 12 has also learned that the Mankato Department of Public Safety is not conducting any criminal investigation related to Hoffner.

The Blue Earth and Nicollet County Attorneys offices also said they have no pending matters dealing with MSU's head coach either.

News 12 also inquired with the NCAA. Officials there told us they have no knowledge of the situation in Mankato.