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Daniel and Evelyn Nydegger: Lisa's Lights

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It's not uncommon for children to have lemonade stands during the hot summer months... but we've found one stand that really sweetens the deal.

A cup of lemonade from these two youngsters helps them get one step closer to their mission: finding a cure for Alzheimer's.

"This is my grandma," says Daniel.

Sweet memories of their grandma, Lorene Heaberlin, stir something in Daniel and Evelyn Nydegger....

Daniel says, "We're here to raise as much money as possible for Alzheimer's walk."

They are raising the money, by pouring their hearts out...

Daniel says, "I remember when she was in the hospital after she had her first fall, she got a black eye...she said, she wanted to go to the backyard and plant some daisies.

She really wanted to get up and do that, when she had that first fall, and got diagnosed with this Alzheimer's disease... her life really, really changed."

So now 9 year old Daniel and 7 year old Evelyn, are on a mission.

The dynamic duo will lead the Walk To End Alzheimer's in Sibley Park on Sept.15

"It feels good because we are raising money to find a cure for a disease that doesn't have a cure yet..."

"YET" Daniel stresses...making it clear, their journey to find a cure won't end in Sibley Park.

In the story, the kids had their lemonade stand set up at Duck Lake.

Their take that night: 110–dollars...all going for the Walk To End Alzheimer's.