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Sandy Crest Is One Of Lisa's Lights

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Giving of time and talents is not just something Sandy Crest tries to do, she actually makes it her life motto. In the MCHS Mankato gift shop, Sandy Crest's volunteer service is invaluable. Sandy says, "You meet a lot of people, I just feel its good to give back and help out when you can."

She also volunteers in the Oncology department. "Just to help out patients, comfort needs, warm blankets, juices, pillows, sometimes just to visit with the patients it is real rewarding. It really is."

Over the years, Sandy has also given her time and energy to the March of Dimes and the local YWCA. Sandy says, "My motto is give back to this world, and that's why I do it."

Giving back to our community, Sandy Crest, one of Lisa's Lights.