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Mobile Vietnam War Memorial Rolls Into Town

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MANKATO, Minn. -

A mobile version of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C. comes to town.

When completed, it'll be an 80% scale model of the permanent memorial in D.C., giving those who can't make the trip to our nation's capitol an opportunity to experience the memorial. 
Members of the Patriot Guard escorted The Wall to its location just off of Stoltzman Road, where it will be on display through Sunday.

Onlookers greeted the convoy with open arms, a different scene than what transpired when the war was underway.
Marion Haayer says, "As  I think just about everybody knows, the Vietnam War was a very unpopular war. People, when the vets came back, they got out of their uniforms, there was a lot of turmoil, protests. We want to honor those that were in the service at the time - that did go do their jobs."

The Wall is adjacent to the area's own Vietnam Memorial, creating several layers of remembrance and honor for those that visit.
Tom McLaughlin says, "Memorials are important because you do remember the people that we're honoring. Family members and other veterans and community members - when they come to a place like this, even though we're on a major road, it's still quite and serene."
Vietnam Veteran Tom Langdon says, "I like to come down and remember. Nobody in particular - I've got some friends that we lost there - but just to show my respect for those that did serve."

Crews will begin putting the piece together tomorrow morning.

A ceremony opening the memorial to the public begins at six o'clock p.m.