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Trinity Lutheran Church's 4th Tractor Blessing

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GAYLORD, Minn. -

This morning the Klaers family took a 20 minute drive in two of their tractors to church. 12-year-old Ben Klaers says, "It was pretty bumpy on the gravel roads but it was nice, we always come out to get our tractors blessed."

Today is Trinity Church's annual tractor blessing. Each vehicle receives a blessing for a safe and successful harvest. Interim minister John Gabrielson says, "People have their livelihoods tied up into a thing that they use as their vocation they understand it as how god is using them to do work in this world and they want to be recognized as how that's important." 

 Creator of the tractor blessing Deacon Kahle says god's grace may go to the tractor, but they do it for the family. Kahle says, "We feel that its such a wonderful thing when they bless the farm family and for a great harvest and a safe harvest."

For many faithful farmers this unique service is now a tractor tradition. Pat Klaers says, "I'll do it again next year it is well worth it."

Klaers says the tractor blessing is less about asking God for a favor or a miracle. And more about being thankful for the gifts god has already given.