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Tea Party Starts Up With Gun Rights Meeting

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KASOTA, Minn. -

The Tea Party created a red wave throughout the country in 2010, with Republicans taking the House in D.C. and both chambers in the Minnesota Legislature.

Now they're gearing up for 2012. 
More than fifty people attended tonight's gun meeting in Kasota, including state officeholders and candidates for Congress.

Organizers Andy Johnson Sr. and Andy Johnson Jr. are hoping to recapture the oomph of 2010.
Andy Johnson Jr. says, "We're the Tea Party activists in southern Minnesota. We're expanding our network - tying to build up and create more events. This is a second amendment event. We're going to have Obamacare at the end of October, and another Tea Party rally in mid-October, probably the same location we've had them in the past."

For that talk, the Tea Party brought in Andrew Rothman, a lobbyist for Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance to talk about the history of the 2nd amendment, and the challenges he feels gun owners face today.
Andrew Rothman, with Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance says, "We have a divide in this country. Two schools of thought. One says the government is responsible for us, responsible for protecting us. Responsible for saying the way our life is going to be. And then there's the freedom side, which says we are sovereign individuals and we are in control of our destinies."