For Jared Juliar, nothing is more beautiful or precious than his little girl Shelbi. Jared says, "Her personality was beautiful her face was beautiful her life was beautiful on earth and I'm sure it's beautiful in heaven as well."

Last May, 6–year–old Shelbi Juliar died after having open–heart surgery. Jared says, "We'd tell her that we love her very much and miss her so terribly much." But today isn't about her death.

One Bright Star executive director Sue Ostendorf says, "There's tears sometimes but it's more of an opportunity to be happy that child was in our lives for even a short time."

The One Bright Star Children's Memorial Service is meant to remember the children families have lost. Ostendorf says, "I think most people think that when parents lose a child they don't want to talk about it, they want to get over it. You don't get over the loss of a child. That child will always be a part of your life, and most parents want to remember that child. They don't want to forget that child, and they wont forget that child."

One Bright Star Board Chair Person Lisa May says the only wrong thing to say to a family who has lost a child, is to say nothing at all. May says, "It doesn't have to be any big deal just don't be afraid to say our child's name."

It's a group that no parent wants to be a member of. But the non–profit is there to support families as their lives take on a new meaning after the loss of a child.  Each child has a plaque or paver dedicated to the life they lived, and a dove released in their honor. For Jared it's another day of remembering his precious princess. Jared says, "Princess on earth angel in heaven."