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West HS 0-5 After Forfeiting Wins Because of Ineligible Player

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MANKATO, Minn. -

In an unexpected turn of events, the 4-1 Mankato West football team is now 0-5, after forfeiting their wins because of an ineligible player on the team. 
Because of data privacy rules, there is little the school will say about the specifics of the case - which student it was, what was the infraction, and on and on.

What we do know is that the four forfeited games will place the perennial juggernaut on the road in the playoffs.

Mankato West activities director Ken Essay has placed the blame on himself.
Essay says, "Based upon the information I received, I made a decision. Looking back, what I've learned in the last four or five days, I've learned about the state high school league rules and the interpretation of the rules. Certainly, moving forward, you recognize mistakes you've made and you learn from them."

Though the Scarlet's have established themselves as an elite program, the actual fall-out and impact on the football team will be relegated to the official record, and not the field.

When it comes to post season play, everyone has a shot at the state title.
Scarlet's Head Coach Mark Esch says, "We can't do anything about where we get seeded in the playoffs. Whether we're traveling or whether we're at home, we're going to play the same way, play Mankato West football and if anything, it motivates us more."

The player in question will be back on the field this Friday night against Rochester Mayo.