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Debates No Longer the Draw at MSU

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MANKATO, Minn. -

MSU was home to a debate viewing party earlier tonight, put together by Obama for America. 
2008 was a breakout year in the youth vote, with young people voting at the highest rate they ever had and voting predominately for President Obama.

2012 is a different animal though, and the debate audience this year is smaller than 2008's.

But a lead in the polls goes a long way, and they think they'll be able to answer the President's critics when the time comes.
Margo Druchel says, "I think some of the progressive are feeling like he hasn't done everything that they expected but if you look at the kind of impediments that the Congress has been, he's gotten a lot of good things done."
Jack Lindsay says, "With the Congress and the mindset they have now - he is a strong-willed man to get done what he has gotten done. And if we stay on the right path, the path that we're on right now, things are going to be better ten-fold, of that I'm certain."
Of course, enthusiasm only matters for the cameras, what counts is the votes... and Obama for America and College Democrats will still be ever present around campus.
Shae Lambert says, "Now that we've been in college for four years, we've seen the differences that are going on with the economy with how it will affect we as students. So I feel the people want to get out more and have their voices heard."