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'Bier on Belgrade' kicks off Octoberfest

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Saturday may have been on chilly side, but it wasn't too cold to stand outside with a cold beer in hand for many fest-goers .

North Mankato kicked off its own version of Octoberfest with 'Bier on Belgrade.'

Beer drinkers had the chance to sample many different brews from across the area and take part in a little polka music.

Proceeds from the event benefit the Business on Belgrade Association, and organizers say North Mankato's first attempt at an Octoberfest went as smooth as the suds people were drinking.

"I'll tell you it's a lot of fun," said Jim Whitlock, event organizer. "It's something we put together in just a couple of months; we've got a real strong organization of businesses down here and everybody is doing what they need to be doing down here, that's attracting business to our area."

Fest-goers clinching beer glasses say they're pleased with how the event satisfied their thirst for a good time.

"I guess I like the adult atmosphere and the being able to sample the different beers," said Deb Bennett of North Mankato.