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International Bioenergy Days Conference At MSU

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Senior Molly Raymond plans on going to grad school to study corporate sustainability. So the bioenergy conference was right up her alley. Raymond says, "I think that corporate sustainability is on the rise in companies and I think that its huge to save money and like help our planet move forward."

With legislation requiring 25 percent of all energy be renewable by 2025, Minnesota is one of the leaders in the country for renewable energy. But worldwide, Sweden is well ahead of the pack, with 48 percent of total energy from renewable sources. Much of the focus of this year's conference on Sweden's development in bioenergy and how the US can implement some of their ideas.

Program chair John Frey says the youth need to be the leaders in renewable energy. Frey says, "They are going to be the ones that have to deliver on that it's going to be here, it's just a matter of when."

And Raymond says she's ready to deliver. Raymond says, "I'm really interested in the fact that it's not only helping the business, but its also helping the world."