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Supreme Court Looks At Affirmative Action

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The Supreme Court is revisiting affirmative action. The justices are hearing a case that could affect student admissions at colleges and universities across the country.  The Supreme Court is once again deciding whether race should be a factor in college admissions. Abigail Fisher sued the University of Texas claiming she was denied a spot partly because she is white. Fisher's supporters say there are ways colleges can promote diversity without considering race. For example - looking at family income. (SOT Edward Blum, Director, Project on Fair Representation) "We think that colleges and

Texas has a law - called the ten percent plan. It guarantees admission to all students in the top ten percent of their class - regardless of race. After those students are admitted - the University of Texas uses other factors including test scores, student activities and race to determine who gets the remaining spots. 

 The end of affirmative action is a political goal people have had for a long time.  The University contends even if Fisher was a minority student, she would not have made the cut the year she applied. The Obama Administration and more than half of the Fortune 100 companies are in favor of the Texas program.