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Larry Jacobson from Waseca Wins Golden Apple Award

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WASECA, Minn. -

Electrons, graphs, and the periodic table?

Science class can be tough and confusing for some students, but for those in Larry in Larry Jacobson's class at Waseca, he makes it fun.

Waseca Sophomore Allyson Ewest says, "He connects with the students really well I think, because he still has that kid down inside him."

For Jacobson, or as his students refer to him, Mr. J., he strives to not only teach his students science, but also better their lives.

Jacobson say, "One of my philosophies is that I want every student that comes into my class to feel better when they leave my classroom than they did before they came in."

His students say Mr. J. blends a great sense of humor with a genuine interest in their lives.

Ewest says, "I think a lot of people want to take his classes because he makes them all fun."

Jacobson say, "I joke with them and they joke with me and they always feel very comfortable."

For Jacobson, his students always come first, in fact, he says his greatest accomplishment is the accomplishments of his students.

"When the kids succeed and you are helping them along the way, even though it's not you doing it makes you feel good."

Congratulations again, Golden Apple award winner Larry Jacobson.

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