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High-tech Tutoring Available to Mankato Students

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MANKATO, Minn. -

MSU wants to draw attention to their homework helpers program, which allows K-12 students to get tutoring from those attending the university. 
Currently, MSU has a room chock full of work-study students looking to tutor young people in elementary, middle and high school... but no kids to be tutored.

MSU wants to change that, and is trying to get the word out to Mankato students.
MSU College of Education Mymique Baxter says, "Trying to create a program that can give back to the community and also help prepare our K-12 students for college."

Students can talk either by phone or through a chat function offered through the program in order to get assistance on their own time - with tutors utilizing the same textbooks used in class, and over the internet, can see step by step exactly how to solve the problem.

School administrators think it could be another tool to help keep their students engaged.
Mankato East High School Principal Jeff Dahline says, "When our kids are there they're actually talking to kids who have just recently gone through high school and who are at MSU, and there's just a different level of connection and more of a peer-mentorship or more of that relationship."

And the learning could work both ways.

Baxter says, "We want to use our secondary educators... our science, our math, our social studies, our history teachers. We want this to be a place where they'll be able to work and give back to the community and also build their skills as teachers."

The program is offered from 6-10 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, and covers everything from English to History to Physics.

The sign-up can be found at