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Nicollet School District Employee Arrested For Theft

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A Nicollet School District employee is arrested and charged with felony theft for stealing from the school. 31-year-old Justin Berg is accused of stealing from the school's concessions and ticket sales fund on numerous occasions. He was arrested after an investigation found him stealing money from the school.

According to the complaint, the school contacted police on October 8th when staff found funds were missing from the concessions and ticket sales. Police installed a motion activated camera in the room where the money was stored and placed marked bills in the safe. On October 12th, police confronted Berg where he admitted to taking money from the safe. Investigator for the Nicollet County Sheriff Department, Marc Chadderdon says, "He was very cooperative very remorseful, but you know he made a big mistake."

Berg is the Athletic Director and Dean of Students for the Nicollet School District. Chadderdon says Berg is still employed with the school. The School's Superintendent wouldn't comment on Berg's employment. The district would only say that they are continuing their investigation and working with authorities.

Police are unsure on the exact amount of money taken, but the school reported an estimated amount just shy of $1,500.

 Berg is charged with Felony Theft and Felony theft of Public Funds. Each count has a penalty of five years in prison and or a ten thousand dollar fine.