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Baseball Enthusiasts are Celebrating the Legacy of the Great Bambino

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Baseball enthusiasts are celebrating the legacy of The Great Bambino.

Ninety years ago today, baseball legend Babe Ruth took the field at this very ballpark here in Southern Minnesota's backyard.

Palmer Hittesdorf says, "It feels like I'm walking in a hero's footsteps."
The Babe was known for knocking baseballs out of the park and drew many fans wherever he'd play.

Decades later the tradition surrounding that game continues here in Sleepy Eye.
Hittesdorf says, "This is a picture of Babe Ruth and right here is where my great great Grandpa is."

Fans like Duke Cook, who's in the Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame, remember the Great Bambino and pay tribute ninety years later.
"Duke" Cook says, "It's exciting, it's something that doesn't happen at many other ballparks, especially a town this size."

With over 700 home runs the Babe's dedication to the game of baseball is still passed down to many generations.

Hittesdorf says, "Just to never give up even if you're down, you can still come back."
A night of baseball and hotdogs and fun.
The group plans to celebrate again 10 years from now and will say the hope to contact Babe Ruth's daughter and extend her an invitation.