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86-Year-Old Completes His 320th Marathon

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This may be Mankato's third marathon but for one man, today was his 320th 26.2 mile race. Officials were supposed to close down the course around 2 p.m., but they kept the timer going for 86–year–old Burt Carlson as he crossed the finish line around 3 p.m. Carlson says, "I'd like to thank the race director for keeping the lights on for me and all the wonderful volunteers for their help."

Carlson said the strong winds and a few cramps slowed him down a bit, but he was happy to have finished the race. He finished the 26–mile marathon in just under seven hours. Carlson says, "Well, the Swedes have got a word for it Uff Da."

When he's not training for a marathon Carlson runs an average of five miles a day.