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Lee Blue and Mike Wilen, Two of Lisa's Lights

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St. Peter -

Create don't consume, that's the motto of two St. Peter men, putting that phrase to the test, building something special for their community.

From an initial drawing, emerged "the spooky house", just one of the facades that will add to the atmosphere Saturday at the St. Peter Halloween Fun Run. Lee Blue says, "I haven't built anything like this before so it took a couple of cups of coffee at the River Rock Café and finding pictures on the Internet. Then we just came back to see what we could do." At first Lee Blue jokes, building the façade was a scary proposition. Lee says, "It threatened my marriage I was spending so much time on it. (laughs)"

But now he and friend Mike Wilen agree, it was a treat. Mike says, "It was a lot of fun to put together. I have no wordworking experience whatsoever, so it was a learning experience." The pair also learned something about their community. Lee says,  "People are so generous with their time and materials they have on hand. We didn't spend one penny on materials." It's no façade, these two are the real deal. Helping to build a better community. Lee Blue and Mike Wilen...both are Lisa's Lights.

 That Halloween Fun Run is coming up this Saturday. It is a fundraiser for the St. Peter Community Center.