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New Ulm Mayor Reacts To Kraft's Restructuring

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NEW ULM, Minn. -

Kraft's restructuring could result in as many as 90 employees losing their jobs at the New Ulm factory. None of the employees were willing to comment on the changes being made. However the mayor of New Ulm did express concern for the workers and the city itself. New Ulm mayor Robert Beussman says, " I Woke up this morning and stopped to make sure I was reading the paper correctly."

With the Kraft factory providing many jobs for New Ulm residents, Busman says the only reassuring news in Kraft's announcement is the 25 million dollars being invested in the New Ulm plant itself. Busman says, "I hope that means they're not leaving us completely."

He says it's anyone's guess as to why New Ulm is the only restructured plant facing employee reductions, but he suspects utilities, town size, or transportation may be behind its decision. Busman says, "I think some of the problem that we have is the fact that the transportation system as great as it is if we had our road finished if we had highway 14 all the way I think we would have a little better chance of impressing Kraft."

In this time of uncertainty he says he is sure of one thing. Busman says, "I do know that the workers of New Ulm and the new Ulm are good workers."

He says New Ulm's strong work ethic gives him faith in the city. "If we all work together and continue to pull hard for New Ulm Minnesota I think things will work around and turn around."