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Isaiah Stock Is Rising Star

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Like many seniors, Isaiah Stock spends plenty of time pouring over college applications.  But, as Isaiah demonstrates every day, the best way to spend his time is to share it with others. Isaiah says, "I consider myself to be pretty blessed, my family is great and super-supportive of everything I do. Just blessed in every way I suppose. So I like to help out people who haven't been given the same opportunities I have been."

And this Mankato West Senior makes the most of each opportunity given him. Teacher Mary Berg says "Isaiah is involved in all sorts of activities, academics, sports. He is a good role model both in the classroom and outside of it."

Although his activities are too numerous to list here. He share his favorites. Isaiah says, "One summer I tried the Special Olympics Sports Camp and I've been hooked every since."

Isaiah Stock, a KEYC Rising Star.