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W-E-M's Hruska Honored As Prep Athlete Of The Week

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Like any wide receiver, Waterville Elysian Morristown's Brady Hruska wanted to catch the ball as much as possible, and he was good at it, helping lead the Buccaneers to a 7-1 regular season record.
The Buccaneers have a younger quarterback, so the ball hasn't traveled as much through the air this season.
That forced Hruska to become a better downfield blocker as the season progressed, and it didn't matter who he took on.
The Buccaneers are just one win away from going to state once again, and three more games for a championship.
Now they have even more incentive to take the 2-A title.
Besides football, Hruska also played basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring wearing number two for all three teams.
His life ended far too early, but for everything he did for Buccaneers sports, Brady Hruska is truly deserving of the title KEYC Scheels All-Sports Boys Prep Athlete of the Week.