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Preparing For Hunting Opener

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MANKATO,. Minn. -

Opening day of firearms deer season is practically its own holiday for many people in Minnesota, just like Christmas, many save their shopping for last minute.

Jake Hillesheim from Scheels says," It's pretty crazy in here;a lot of people picking up last minute things."

Among the most sought after last minute items: licenses, ammunition, and the always important blaze orange.

Scott Hermel and his nephew were among the shoppers who hope to bag a big buck Saturday.

Hermel says, "We've done real well the past two years, but looking forward to doing well again this year."

And prospects are good for Hermel. The DNR says thanks to last year's mild winter the dear population is up. They estimate a million deer await hunters for tomorrow's opener. Plus with most crops out of the fields, deer won't have too many places to hide.

Hermel says, "That forces the deer into the woods, and I think will be a good season."

And will all of the people who will be out in the woods, to make sure the season is also safe, shoppers can't get too much blaze orange."

Hillesheim says, " And scents, attractive, pretty much anything they can throw in front of their stand to attract the big one."

Hermel says, "Big bucks is what it's about, it gets that heart pumping, the adrenaline rush you get from deer hunting is like nothing else."

The deer rifle season lasts 14 days, but its big business for the state. The DNR says hunting season bring in $458 million into the state's economy.